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ProfilGate Clean Gate


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?ProfilGate Clean Gate

What is ProfilGate ทำความสะอาดล้อก่อนเข้า Line ผลิต


The dry type cleaner for the wheel of the forklift -” Clean Gate ” ” Bush Cleaning ” ” ProfilGate “removes the contaminants on tire and wheel by operating excellent brush system without any electircity.

Whenever forklift is transporting some goods, its tires/wheels are automatically bringing a certain amount of dirt the wheel. Just by driving over this Clean Gate, 90% of the dirt on the tires/wheels of forklift will be removed.

As the brush are located in left and right side, although it does not have any kinds of an electrical devices,it can get rid of contaminants very effectively

So, when the load is applied, 90% of the dirt on the wheel of forklift will be removed by brush with its own elasticity. Lifetime period will be more than 100,000 vihicles passing over it based on the very heavy traffic. 


Functionality and Efficiency of DS-Clean Gate

ProfilGate Clean Gate

Unique Brush System

TThe unique brush system will remove contaminants on wheels. 
Since brushes are arranged in the horizontal direction from left to right, it could effectively remove the harmful substances without the electric devices

ProfilGate Clean Gate

Excellent Quality

When forklift is passing on Clean Gate, the brush moves below the Grating. Then it push the dirt off the surface of wheel and into the tray by its own unique elasticity.
Life time period will be more than 100,000 vihicles passing over it based on the very heavy traffic. 
However under normal use and roatating the brush each other, its life time will be longer.

ProfilGate Clean Gate

Installation and Construction

The Grating is 45mm in height. This equipment can either be embeded into the ground or be accessed via ramp Thus, The construction type can be selected depending on the site conditions. 
At any way, it will effectively block dust and contaminants.

ProfilGate Clean Gate

High load-bearing capacity

The standard maximum load-bearing capacity is 10 tons per axis. capacity is 10 tons per axis, If required, the system can be upgraded to withstand the load up to approximately 20 Ton so that it can handle a large truck or other very heavy loads.

ProfilGate Clean Gate

Easy to Clean

Since this device consists of a galvanized & heat-treated grating, a tray made of stainless steel and a special brush, contaminants will be removed when folklift pass through the above grating. Either this can be vacuum-cleaned simply by lifting it out of the grating or be easily cleaned by using an industrial vacuum cleaner


Width Length Height Weight
702mm 976mm 45mm 39kg

Where to use

All kinds of factories and warehouse which are using forklift.
Semiconductor, Electronics, Electric, Pharmaceutic, Food factory, etc.


ProfilGate Clean Gate





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