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Specific advantages

  • Excellent dexterity and comfort thanks to the anatomical form and the flocklined finish
  • Good grip due to the embossed texture
  • Worn alone or as an outer-glove
    Recommended for persons sensitized to natural rubber proteins.
  • Silicone free to prevent traces, defects on metal sheet and glass prior to painting


Food industry

  • Cutting meat and fish
  • Food handling
  • Filleting Fish


  • CAT. 3Cat. 30334
  • Mechanical hazards EN 3883101X
  • Type ASpecific Chemical Protection EN 374AJKOPT
  • Micro-organisms EN 374

Product detail

Material Nitrile
Colour Blue
Interior Finish Flocked
Exterior Finish Embossed texture
Length (cm) 32
Thickness (mm) 0.41
Size 6 7 8 9 10
Packaging 1 pair/bag
10 pairs/bag
100 pairs/carton

Chemical chart

Overall Chemical Protection Rating

Protection rating is determined by taking into account the effects of both permeation and degradation in an attempt to provide users with an overall protection guideline when using our glove products against specific chemicals.

Meaning of colors :

Used for high chemical exposure or chemical immersion, limited to breakthrough time based on a working day.
Used for repeated chemical contact, limited to total chemical exposure i.e. : accumulative breakthrough time based on a working day.
Splash protection only, on chemical exposure the gloves should be discarded and new gloves worn as soon as possible.
Not recommended, these gloves are deemed unsuitable for work with this chemical.
NT : Not tested
NA : Not applicable because not fully tested (only degradation OR permeation results)

The chemical test data and overall chemical protection rating should not be used as the absolute basis for glove selection. Actual in-use conditions may vary glove performance from the controlled conditions of laboratory tests. Factors other than chemical contact time

Chemical Product CAS # Breakthrough time
Standard Degradation
Ammonium hydroxide solution 25% 1336-21-6 200 4 EN 16523-1:2015 4
Formaldehyde 37% 50-00-0 NT NT 4
Hydrogen peroxide 30% 7722-84-1 NT NT 4
Methanol 99% 67-56-1 NT NT 1
n-Heptane 99% 142-82-5 NT NT 4
Sodium hydroxide 40% 1310-73-2 NT NT 4
Sulfuric acid 96% 7664-93-9 51 2 EN 16523-1:2015 NT

*not normalized result


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